Business Measurement and Intelligence Solutions

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Unfortunately, many businesses have difficulty liberating information from the massive amount of data at their disposal.

Enterprise players generally have the resources to advance their companies digitally. The challenge facing many small/medium sized businesses is to dedicate resources to keep pace – especially when creating and executing a digital strategy. It simply isn’t feasible to keep a large number of experts on-hand to analyze it all.

That’s where DM2 comes in. We have significant experience developing BI and measurement systems at large enterprises, and we are bringing that learning to SMBs. We can help you:

  • Develop a strategy to identify and monitor your key metrics and KPIs
  • Help you evaluate the data you already have, or acquire what you need
  • Synthesize any of the various data formats that will lead to business insight:
    • Transactional and aggregated
    • Quantitative and qualitative
    • Measured behaviors and stated attitudes
    • Structured data and unstructured text (like found in social media)
  • Take disparate data and create dashboards to call-out key findings

Going beyond simply monitoring the past, we can leverage your data to create models that anticipate potential changes going forward.

Some examples of the insight DM2 delivers are:

  • Understanding the sentiment around a brand in the social media space
  • Establishing greater context for comparing a business to its competition
  • Identifying potential changes in a category or market space

For companies lacking the time and resources to more thoroughly leverage data, DM2 can help.